Watch Complete Videos of the India Power Talks

Manufacturing in China vs India

Guest Speaker: Prof. S Ramakrishna Velamuri, CEIBS

International Education

Guest Speaker: Jo Nesbitt, Director of UniConnectEd

Leadership of 2020 and Beyond

Guest Speaker: Phil Bohlender, CEO of Seed and Lead

Corporate Governance and Financial Transparency

Guest Speaker: Andy Agathangelou, Transparency Task Force

Convergence of Technology and the Future of Innovation

Guest Speaker: Navroop Sahdev, Founder of The Digital Economist

Global Education

Guest Speaker: Robert Ahdieh, Dean of Texas A&M University

Surviving & Thriving in Business post COVID19

Guest Speaker: Ron Gunnell, Global Chairman, TAT Worldwide LLC

Blue Economy

Guest Speaker: Sunil Shastri, Directory of Ocean Governance Ltd

Economy and Education

Guest Speaker: Franz Kolb, Director of Trade and Diplomacy, Utah, USA

Factors important for India’s growth post COVID19

Guest Speaker: Shailesh Haribhakti, CA and Cost Accountant
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