Our Patrons

Ifigeneia Vlachogianni

Entrepreneur, Vice President, World Trade Association of Greece

“India power talk is a true nation-building activity that covers diverse topics important for the collective growth of our nation. I am proud to be a patron of India power talk.”

Mike Durrie

Owner, key messages, Founding Partner, LHD & Associates

“It’s a pleasure and an honor to be a patron of the knowledge platform India Power Talk. I firmly believe that knowledge is the one commodity that grows each time we share it – and sharing it across national and cultural boundaries creates a win-win situation that can change the world.”

Dr Dilip Shankarrao Patil

Professor and Director, DLLE, University of Mumbai

“India Power Talk has been sharing path-breaking ideas and action points that are important for the revival of the Indian Economy. I am proud to be one the Patron of India Power Talk.”

K. Ramasubramaniam

FEMA Expert and Former General Manager Reserve Bank

“I have been watching the India PowerTalk in several Episodes. Each subject brings out global expertise from those who are thick and thin to issues under the Indian context.
A good model to get the essence for development. I am really proud to be a patron in this excellent endeavor linking the leaders with masses.”

Emanuele Sacerdote

Founder, SOULSIDE (Italy)

“I am very happy to be a Patron of the prestigious community of India Power Talk. Enlarge and enrich knowledge sharing different experiences is the way to develop a Better World.”

Giulia Vignolo


“I found the idea of India Power Talk great and inspiring. This will bring together like-minded people from all around the world, to share qualified information and to improve international business together for the challenging times we are going through.”

Ishwar Jha

Founder and CEO, Appetals Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“I am honored to be a patron of India Power Talk. Since the beginning, they have been sharing Ideas and Insights drawn from the experiences of global leaders which will benefit the country in a very broad sense.”

Pradnya Ponkshe

Managing Director Trimit Rachana/ Herhighnest

“India Power Talk is a true nation-building activity that covers diverse topics important for the collective growth of our nation. I am proud to be a Patron of India Power Talk.”

Sunil Murlidhar Shastri

Director, OceanGovernance Limited (UK)

“The vision and mission of IPT resonates with my own thinking and focuses on education and awareness which is one of my own seven themes and what’s more, my friend Nitin’s dedication and diligence so exemplary extraordinary.”

Ramanuj Mukherjee

CEO, LawSikho

“India Power Talk is making a big difference in the quality of conversations around India’s growth story.”

Dharmendra Singh

CEO, MergerWare

“India Power Talk is giving a very powerful message to the world.”

Setu Shah

CEO, Prose Integrated

“Speakers on India Power Talk share in-depth knowledge on the topic of Economy, Environment and Education. These insights and experiences can boost the growth of the startup ecosystem in India and benefit the economy.”

Rohit Dabholkar

CEO- India SME Accelerator Network

“I am proud to be a Patron of such a worthy cause. I liked the topics covered in India Power Talk. It will surely benefit global leaders who may want to invest in India.”

Jai Prakash Dubey

Professor- Director, Delhi School of Journalism

“The forum’s aim of establishing a global network of policy influencing leaders is welcome in view of India’s growing influence in creating peace and prosperity among the comity of the nations. I would be glad to associate with the forum as a patron.”

Savas Ioakimides

Lead Architect Engineer & CEO of arxicon.com

“India Power Talk has been sharing path-breaking ideas and action points that are important for the revival of Indian Economy. I am proud to be one of the Patrons of this important cause.”

Diksha Nangia

Director & CFO, Apollo Finvest India Ltd

“The topics covered by the India Power Talk are very insightful. It will definitely give young Indian entrepreneurs a global reach and the world a chance to know what India is capable of demonstrating. It’s a pleasure to be a Patron of such an impactful platform.”

Rajesh Sethi

Former MD – NBA India, CEO – TenSports, CEO and Region Director South East Asia – Allianz Global Assistance

“India Power Talk is an impactful knowledge sharing platform, bringing forward the global best practices which will defy the odds and make a positive impact on the businesses.”

Rebecca Sangster-Kelly

Management Consultant & Communications Specialist, UK

“India Power Talk is like a TED talk with more — instead of just hearing from an expert you get a thoughtful and direct interview that provides the information and context you’re looking for. Moreover, the focus on India provides a much needed insight in respect to this growing and evolving economy.”

Prakash Ignatius Almeida

Director, Knowledge Fountain LLP

“India Power Talk offers a unique opportunity for all to develop thought leadership, expand horizons and learn from some of the finest minds of our times from various domains.”

Rakesh Bhargava

Chairman Fresenius Kabi Oncology Ltd

“I like the ideas and insights shared by the speakers in India Power Talk. This will benefits India and also the foreign investors who have invested in India.”

Ajay Pandey

Independent Board Director

“I have experienced some really pragmatic and thought-provoking discussions and ideas being debated. They not only provide a meaningful framework for defining actions but also encourage individuals to reflect on issues.”

Abha Maryada Banerjee

Founder & Chief Strategist Success India

“Privileged to be a patron of India Power Talk for the quality of information shared. Brand India gains immensely from multiple national & international perspectives that shed intellectual light on several nation-building topics.”

Vipul Thacker

Group Director, Central Services, Notting Hill Genesis, London. UK

“In an era where global problems are far too complex for individual organisations to solve on their own; India Power Talk offers opportunity for collective wisdom, which enables a holistic perspective where great ideas lead to big brains.”

Dr. Shauli Mukherjee

Director – School of Education & Dean – Students’ Affairs Adamas University Kolkata

“India Power Talk is a wonderful platform to share and exchange meaningful and productive ideas which will facilitate the creation of a powerhouse for the purpose of national enrichment and empowerment..”

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