Cruptocurrency – The Future of Money


About the talk

Talk is about Cryptocurrency which is digital money and it was created from a digital program. The central bank’s digital currency brings in a sense of stability for the individual. Cryptocurrency was created during times of recession, when people found that their reliance on banks or their reliance on another party to handle their money was not so reliable. Bitcoin offers a decentralized way, a decentralized finance for individuals to not have to rely on an intermediary. Individuals who do not use banks actually have an opportunity to create sovereignty and wealth. The total amount of Bitcoin that can ever be produced in this algorithm, in this blockchain is 21 million Bitcoin. The next bitcoin won’t be produced until 2040. The value of Bitcoin right now comes from the limited supply. The main concern in India is creating regulations around blockchain technology.


Lori Souza, Crypto/Blockchain Advisor

Lori is future-oriented business and technology executive who provides financial technology education. Her areas of expertise include alternative assets, cryptocurrency, real estate and business investment, applications engineering, digital economics and business startups. In 2020, Lori launched Digital Gold, a company dedicated to cryptocurrency education, digital change and transformation coaching and consulting as well as change management strategies for brokerages and organizations adopting the new digital economy. She is also the founder of Innovation RE, which focuses on real estate, digital finance and tokenization. Lori holds several distinguished degrees, including a Bachelor of Science in Technology from Kent State University and an MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix. She offers highly informative online tutorials as well as the interview series Women in Crypto.

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