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There is a great opportunity to develop new forms of personalized education and to innovate in student evaluation including online, beyond the more conventional assessments. It’s a great opportunity to create flexible and unified forms of life from learning beyond initial education to upskill and re-skill workers for the digital economy. Collaborations between universities, academicians, professors, must happen to shape the future of the planet and people. There is just no choice. The key measurables for global education networks are joint funding, winning bids, joint research publication, conferences, programs, student mobility, staff mobility, expertise to governments and non-government bodies. They work with corporates and they can actually have relationships with the media as well.


Jo Nesbitt, Director, UniConnectED

Jo Nesbitt is Vice President M Square Media, UK, and Director of UniConnectEd with over 30 years of rich and hand-on experience in higher education, formerly served as Director and Deputy Director at the University of Southampton, with a focus on international recruitment and development. Earlier at Solent University, she consolidated the institution’s international activities and worked as the director of the international office. She is consulted regularly for government bodies, works with the British Council and other organizations, has led several university consortia, and has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences

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