Future Technolgoies and Impact Investments


Dr Jane Thomason, Founder and CEO, Supernova Data

Dr. Jane Thomason is the CEO and founder with a strong track record of international leadership in areas like healthcare and social services. She has founded a development company that reached 250 million US dollars in revenue under her leadership. Dr. Thomason is a truly visionary leader and social innovator, with a focus on emerging economies. She is an advocate for digital transformation to reduce inequality and vulnerability.

Jane holds multiple appointments, including Industry Associate, University College London, Centre for Blockchain; cofounder, British Blockchain and Frontier Technology Association; Advisor, Kerala Blockchain Association; Africa Blockchain Centre of Excellence; Secure Health Chain; Novum Insights; Section Chief Editor, Frontiers in Blockchain; Member, Findexable Data Governance Council and Ambassador Fintech Diversity Radar.

She has also published over 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals, six books and multiple book chapters. The awards she has received include Top 100 Women in Crypto, Crypto Curry Club (in 2020), Women in GovTech 2019 Special Report, 10 Digital Frontier Women, UN Decade of Women (in 2018) and UN Decade of Women Quantum Impact Champion (also in 2018).

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