Corporate Governance and Financial Transparency


About the talk

If we create weak governance frameworks, there will be a tendency for people to put profit and self-gratification first and foremost. We need to build robust, solid governance frameworks that make it difficult for people to do the wrong things. The audit function around the world is being questioned. Why is it that there have been so many large major corporate collapses or large major corporate scams, scandals, fraud, misconduct that apparently have happened under the watch of auditors? The intelligent thing for organizations to do is to make the purpose of the organization clear and to make sure the purpose of the organization is more than and bigger than simply profit. Organizations that have a clear mission-led purpose are the kinds of organizations that are going to thrive and survive virtually regardless of the challenges of the market.


Andy Agathangelou, Transparency Task Force Limited

Andy Agathangelou Founder of the Transparency Task Force, UK one of the fast-growing and increasingly impactful collaborative campaigning community that encourages the financial services sector to be transparent, truthful and trustworthy. With over 20+ years of work experience, he’s spearheading purposeful, reformatory change in the global financial ecosystem with over 2,500 strong volunteers around the world who are organised into subject-specific 14 Groups. Publisher of the ‘Transparency Times’ an online magazine and a recently published book, entitled “Why we must rebuild trustworthiness and confidence in financial services; and how we can do it”. He is the Governor of the UK’s Pensions Policy Institute and A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Frequent speaker on Corporate governance at conferences and symposia around the world; Andy has particularly fond memories of a conference about Corporate Governance at which he spoke last year, in Pune; which by chance led him to a journey of discovery into the wonderful wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi

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